We want to talk about water.

Why do we want to talk about water?  I’ll get straight to the point. Nelson and I feel like God has called us to dig a clean water well here in Uganda, and we want to invite you to get involved.

A well? Why? How can you help? To find the answer to that, you’ll have to keep reading.

First, let me explain why a clean water well is such a HUGE NEED:

We’ve seen the need first hand. People in our area walk miles everyday to access clean water. Children get up in the dark hours of the morning to fetch water before they go to school, and then again in the evening after they’ve returned from school. Our medical clinic has seen countless patients who are suffering from sickness caused by contaminated water. The list goes on…


Over 4,000 children die each year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation in Uganda. (water.org)


Only 65% of people throughout Uganda have access to safe water supplies.  Although the number of people with access to safe water has improved over the past 10 years, there are still many communities that rely on contaminated water sources such as streams and open wells. (wateraid.org)


Throughout the past years, Show Mercy has put in many wells in the surrounding area. This has greatly improved access to safe water in our area. However, the need for access to clean water is far reaching and somewhat overwhelming.

Nelson and I began to scout some of the local villages surrounding where we stay. We were in search of an area with the most urgent need for access to clean water.  Soon, we were led to a nearby village named Kitooke. We met with the local leader of Kitooke and had him show us where the people of the village are currently getting their water.

This is where he led us…



Can you imagine getting the water you cook, drink and bathe in from this ground well? Not to mention, you are sharing it with nearby livestock and other animals. Would you give this water to your children? What if you didn’t have a choice?

This is not okay. Now, we do realize that we can’t help everyone. But, we are not going to let that stop us from helping ONE person have access to clean water. If we can make a difference in the life of one person, it will all be worth it.


When Nelson and I decided to move to Uganda, we were choosing to let go of many things. We were choosing to let go of the American dream, which had somewhat unwillingly been controlling our lives. We were choosing to step away from the ordinary and into the unknown. We were choosing to place our trust in God and not in ourselves.

One of the areas in our lives we wanted God to fully take control of is our money. Jesus did say, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” So, how do we live that out? This was something Nelson and I began to pray about. Our goal is to never cling too closely to money for security, but to live in a way that we can fulfill God’s mission with whatever resources we have.

We were both asking, “God, what is something we can do with our resources that is REALLY going to make a difference in the lives of people?”

We received our answer.  Nelson and I both felt God speak to us about digging a clean water well (on separate occasions). I told Nelson that I felt like God was speaking to me about us digging a well. Nelson said, “Did you know I was thinking the exact same thing?” God spoke. We’ve seen the urgency of the issue. Now it’s time for action!


We are committed to digging this clean water well. However, we wanted to invite YOU to get involved as well. This is why we’ve shared our story with you. We would LOVE to see our family and friends come TOGETHER to be a part of this project! Let’s leave a legacy of generosity. (On average, a professionally dug well costs around $7,000.)

This project is in partnership with Show Mercy International. We ask that all donations be given directly to Show Mercy. You can do that a few different ways.

1. GIVE ONLINE (click photo below)

Please select ‘Clean Water’ from the drop down menu. You can put ‘Well Project’ in the comments section.

2. Mail your donation to:
Show Mercy International
P.O. Box 1003
Port Gibson, MS 39150
*Please write ‘water well’ in the memo line

*all donations are tax deductible*

We are so excited to see this happen! Please pray for this project and for the lives of the people who will be impacted. We are so thankful for all of you.

This is the potential location for the clean water well in Kitooke. When our parents were here, we took them to the location to tell them about what God had laid on our hearts.

Questions? Contact us!





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