Let’s talk about Coffee.

We have a special announcement for everyone.  We will be returning home next month for a short visit and we’re bringing coffee!  Coffee?  Yes, we’re bringing home Ugandan coffee.  We purchased this coffee directly from a farmer named Florence.  Florence is a sweet lady that has a small coffee farm in Sipi, Uganda.  We were introduced to Florence by a friend of ours that does quality control and buying for a well known coffee shop in Uganda called Endiro.  By purchasing this coffee directly from Florence, we were able to provide a fair price that will help her provide for her family and to invest more into her farming process.  This coffee is 100% organic arabica. Sipi is located on the slopes of Mt. Elgon and the region is renowned for their quality coffee. Because of the area the coffee is grown,it has orange citrus acidity with a caramel and chocolate flavor.

So why do we want to sell coffee?  Well, besides having a general interest in coffee, we also wanted to find a revenue source that will allow us to do some good in this world. We also want to help support the coffee community here in Uganda. Maybe someday this will become a full-time business. At this point, we want to use this coffee to impact the lives of others.  We are contributing 100% of our net profits from the coffee to another clean water project (in partnership with Show Mercy International).

As most of you probably know, Bethany and I are in the process of providing a clean water well for a nearby village here in Uganda.  According the the Chairman of the community, this clean water borehole will provide clean drinking water for well over 1,000 people.  We are so excited about this project and extremely thankful to all those that have contributed.  When we return to Uganda in February, we will begin working with the local community leaders to find another area in an urgent need of access to clean water.

Being here in Uganda and seeing first hand the things people go throug hjust  to get their daily water is something I don’t think I can fully explain in words.  By selling coffee we are hoping to raise money so we can financially contribute to this cause, as well as, raise awareness to the global water crisis.


Options for ordering coffee:

500g (1.1lbs) – $12
250g (0.55lbs) – $8

Quantities are limited, so please contact us as soon as possible to place your order.

E-mail nelsonmicek@gmail.com with your orders. 
In your email please note the quantity, if you prefer ground or whole bean, as well as your ship to address.  We will reply back with payment instructions and shipping charges, if applicable, depending on your location.

Feel free to contact us if you’re wanting more information about the availability of clean water in our area, or if you’re just wanting to know more about the coffee.

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