The one about seasons.

It is hard to believe it is already April! In Uganda, time tends to fly by without our noticing. I like to blame it on the fact that there are no seasons to differentiate the different times of the year, so we are truly living in and endless summer.

I am SO thankful for the different seasons of life that God brings us through. I would say the majority of our time in Uganda (nearly two years) has been a season majorly focused on growing, stretching and navigating challenges. It truly feels like we’ve been behind the plow, clearing the way for God to begin his work. Our pastor recently gave a message on how facing resistance in life is actually a very good thing. Why? Because it shows that you’re not stagnant. It shows that you’re moving. It shows that you’re making progress in the kingdom and the enemy doesn’t like it. When we are stagnant, things are comfortable. We don’t face resistance or challenge, mainly because the enemy isn’t too worried about us. He likes when we are stagnant. He like it when we live in fear and choose not to face the challenges before us. So, when we feel resistance or face challenges – do not fear. It could be because we are right where God wants us!

I’m very grateful for the things we’ve learned over the past (nearly) two years. We’ve been strengthened in our walk with Christ, in our marriage, in our leadership skills and so much more. I’m also grateful for new seasons! Nelson and I recently made the decision to move from the Show Mercy base into a little home (duplex) of our own. We are now staying in a nearby village about twenty minutes from the Show Mercy base. We debated for a long time whether or not it was the right decision, but in the end felt like God really wanted us to step out in Faith and make the move. I’m excited to be able to see the work God has done at Show Mercy from a different vantage point. I think because we were living and working within the SMI base, it was hard to see what God was doing. I’m excited to be able to step away and see it differently. I’m excited to see our Ugandan staff step up and lead their teams the way God has called them to. I’m excited to see some new long-term volunteers join the team at the base. God is moving at Show Mercy!

Nelson and I are continuing to pray and seek God concerning what He has in store for us after this year. Until we get that sorted, we are enjoying this new season of progress, breakthrough and continued growth!

[Featured Photo: Ugandan traffic jam during the morning commute.]



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